What our customers say

Many of our wonderful customers take the time to put pen to paper or to email us to let us know how great they think our products are. Below is just a small sample of the great comments we have recently received for our different product ranges:


Cherish Simply Natural Facial Cleansing Wipes

"My! Oh! My! A magic find.  Keep up the good work" (R, Dunne, County Antrim)

"Thank you for your excellent product" (L. Stankiewicz, Crawley)
Cherish Ageless Facial Cleansing Wipes

"I cannot emphasize how good this product is for my skin" (Rebekah, via e-mail)

"I cannot praise this product enough, they are really fantastic on my face..." - (G. Lindsay, via e-mail)

"Just wanted to say how much I liked your Cherish Facial Cleansing wipes for mature skin.. they are great…." - (June, via e-mail)

"I am delighted with them, the best I have ever used…. "- (Mrs Keene, Essex)

"I’ve used your Cherish Ageless wipes for a long time and I find them better than any of the more expensive ones…." -  (Joyce, via e-mail)

"I am writing to thank you for your Cherish Ageless facial cleansing wipes – they are wonderful!"- Mrs Whitehouse, Bilston)

Cherish 3 in 1 Facial Cleansing Wipes

"The bonus was they are a great product and super value…." - (Hilary, via e-mail)

"They are fantastic…." - (Mair, Anglesey)

"I am so pleased with your Cherish Facial wipes, I just had to tell you" - (Carole, via e-mail)


JD Protects Anti Viral Hand & Body Wipes

"I find these wipes to be far superior to all other brands" -  (Colin, via e-mail)

"Your wipes reassured me that my hands were nice and clean and any bacteria wiped out" - (E. Pearson, Lincolnshire)

Duet Cube 2ply Tissues

"I have fallen in love with Duet Tissues" - (Denise, via e-mail)

Cherish Cube 2ply Tissues

"Just wanted to say how pleased I am with your tissues – have bought them many times and they are such good quality and the price is extremely competitive" - (Val, via e-mail)

Skin Deep – Self Tanning Wipes

"I am so impressed.. the wipes are fantastic, in a few hours I had a lovely natural, healthy tan and I feel good" - (Linda, via e-mail)

"I just love them" -  (Lisa, South Carolina)

"I’d like to say how much I love these wipes" - (Emy, via e-mail)

"I drive 20 miles each way, but worth it just to get these marvellous wipes" - (Mary, Exeter)

"I have fallen in love with them" - (Brandy, USA)

"They are simply the best product for self tanning I have used" - (Ruth, Australia)

"I have been using your tanning wipes for a month, what a product I love it and take it from me I have tried all" - (Lorna, Ireland)

"I am very impressed with your product.. nothing is as natural looking and as easy to apply" - (Lynne, Bodfari)

Mucky Faces Toddler Wipes

"They are good value for money and I have been buying them for years, and they smell nice too" - (J. Nicholson, Peterborough)

Skin Deep – Deep Pore Wipes

"I am happy to say I find your wipes very effective" - (Ms Welstead, Essex)

"I have used your Skin Deep wipes for some years and love them" - (Chris, Plymouth)

"Just a note to say about your Skin Deep - Deep Pore wipes, just great, the difference in my skin – magic, magic!" -  (M. Duffy, Ayrshire)

Cherish Deodorant Wipes

"I have been using your deodorant wipes for some time, I am very impressed with them" - (Sue, via e-mail)

"I use them all the time.. I wouldn’t use anything else. My friend bought and tried them, she loved them and said they were brilliant" - (A. Wood, Peterlee)

 Baby Dream Original Baby Wipes

"I wanted to write and inform you of how wonderful your Baby Dream wipes are, great value for money and great in quality too, I love that they are made in the UK" - (Lisa, via e-mail)

"I love the Baby Dream ‘Dale Bear’ wet wipes, the packaging caught my eye at the supermarket and using them has been a dream"…. (Nimo, via e-mail)

Baby Dream Sensitive Baby Wipes

"I am glad to say I have been using your product since the birth of my son and the wipes are great, cudos guys" - (Georgina, Kenya)

JD Soft 2ply Mansize Tissues

"I make a point of always buying your products.. it is always my intention of supporting locally produced items" - (Michael, Chester)