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Cleaning up messy hands and faces.... Mucky Kids wet wipes to the rescue!
John Dale Ltd Self Tanning Wipes, All year round self tan, no fuss or mess!

Featured Products

Baby Dream Lightly Fragranced Wipes
This product is ideal for cleansing at nappy change time and for use on hands and face at feeding time. 12 packs per case, 72 sheets per pack.
Luxury Silver Fleur Cube 3ply
Elegant floral design with a two tone matt and gloss finish. 24 boxes per case, 55 sheets per box.
Micellar Water Facial Cleansing wipes
These ultra gentle Micellar water wipes have been formulated for use on sensitive skin. 5 or 12 packs per case, 25 sheets per pack.
Self-Tanning Wipes
Gives a natural bronze colour which will appear in approximately 3 hours and can last for several days. 5 or 12 packs per case, 20 sheets per pack.